Liebherr has decades of experience in the capacitive measuring technology sector. Our range comprises sensor systems to determine moisture, water content, coating thickness and surface weight. By capacitively measuring the moisture and water content, our sensor system provides important information to control and regulate our customers' process chain in real time (in situ). In this way, we enable our customers to significantly increase efficiency through optimised use of resources

Measurement Technology For Fossil Raw Materials/Petrochemistry

The Liebherr moisture measuring unit provides numerous benefits - optimal resource protection is only one of many. Determine, among other things, the moisture in lignite and peat or the water content in various oils, coolants and lubricants.

Measurement Technology For Food And Feed

Safe and reliable in situ moisture determination in food and feed production. Benefit from the increase in efficiency and quality for the daily needs of people and animals.

Measurement Technology For Chemical Products

Whether aggressive fertilisers or abrasive pigments, Liebherr sensors are designed for robust continuous operation. Decades of experience in the concrete sector make our sensors strong.

Measurement Technology For Mineral Raw Materials

Sands, aggregates, minerals and ores offer excellent properties for creating something new. The Liebherr moisture measuring unit provides numerous benefits - profit from our many years of experience.

Measurement Technology For Agriculture And Forestry

An ever-growing world population demands an optimal use of resources. Liebherr measurement technology helps with process and quality assurance in the production of agricultural products

Technologies Of The Future

Shaping tomorrow's world.

Buzzwords such as Industry 4.0, electrification, IOT, autonomous driving as well as artificial intelligence are taking up more and more space in our everyday lives. How will we deal with it?

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